Q.  You say you provide Targeted Marketing to Grow Your Business... So how can I grow MY business?

~Get NEW Customers.
~Get current customers to spend MORE.
~Get current customers to spend more OFTEN.
~Or, make MORE PROFIT MARGIN on what you already sell.

Since these are the ONLY four ways you can grow your business, our promotions are designed to help achieve one or more of these goals.  If you really want to know how to use Targeted Marketing to Grow Your Business, give us a call for a no-cost, no obligation review of your needs.  We'll ask you questions like:  What is your specific marketing objective? What is your timeframe?  How many people do you want to reach?  What is your budget?  After reviewing your answers to questions like these, we'll provide you with our recommendations. 

Q.  I'd like more general knowledge about how to design an effective promotion.  Is there a website where I can learn more?

A.  You bet.  We're a member of Promotional Products Association International.  This professional organization offers a great deal of information on using this effective advertising medium.  Just click here.

Q.  What is the minimum I can buy?

A.  Depends upon the particular product.  For custom designed clothing, the minimum for embroidered items is 6 pieces and 12 pieces for screenprinted items.  Other items often have higher minimums.  The minimums are generally listed with the item pricing.

Q.  What type of files do you accept?

A.  The preferred format for most print production is .eps.  If you don't have camera-ready art, though, that's o.k.  We accept all the most common types of graphic file formats including MS Publisher, MS Word, CorelDraw, Indesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop.  Realize that some file formats have to converted, reformatted, or re-created for final use.  Realize that we'll also take your information in the form of a fax, email, or scribble on a cocktail napkin.  We'll make it look nice, and email you a proof.  Got art files? Just send 'em to

Q.  How am I going to know that it will look like I want it to?

A.  Don't Worry!  Before production of your custom imprinted item, we will send you a proof.  We won't produce anything until we know you're going to be happy with it.

Q.  When will I get my completed items?

A.  It depends upon the particular product.  Normal production time ranges from a few days to several weeks, depending upon the product.  If you need the items in-hands by a certain date, let us know what that date is when you order.  If you have an event date, we'd like to try and meet it for you.  Just call us with all the details, and ask for a written event date guarantee.

Q.  I've got tons of questions!!!

A.  Please give us a call at 270-827-5577...or email us at   We're Here to Help...Really!

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