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First off, we don't think you should buy promotional products without a plan.  In fact, we don't believe you should buy ANY type of advertising without knowing the result that you expect to receive.  However...we DO believe in the power of well-planned, well-executed promotions that have specific objectives. 

When effectively designed, a promotion can provide more "bang for the buck" than any other type of advertising.  Lucky for us, many marketing firms don't understand the difference between a give-away and a promotion...or how to design a successful promotion.

ABBA PROMOTIONS provides marketing products and services to clients throughout the country.  We've worked with over 58 political campaigns and many non-profits.  Past business clients have ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as Tyson Foods, Bristol Myers, and ClearChannel Radio.  

You can buy t-shirts and coffee mugs from almost anyone... but it takes a skilled marketing professional to help you plan a promotion designed to meet your specific marketing objectives within your budget and time-frame.

If you are a regular customer of ABBA PROMOTIONS, then you already know the value of having a close relationship with a marketing professional.  If you're not...well... we can't wait to show you.  


ABBA PROMOTIONS is owned by Ty Rideout, M.B.A.  Ty's a member of Promotional Products Association International and Kyndle. Ty's a past President of the local Shrine Club, past President of Matthew 25 Aids Servicespast chair of the Henderson Chamber, and past chair of United Way.  Ty currently serves on the board of Matthew 25 Foundation, United Way, and HCC's business advisory board.     

Ty recieved an Associates Degree from HCC, and received both his Bachelor's and his MBA from Murray State University.

Ty has a Princess, a First-Grader, and a Monkey.

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