We know, branding is important.

A brand is the foundational promise that a business makes to its customers. We'll help you deliver on that promise.
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Our Creative Approach


Whether you’re getting a new business off the ground or are simply looking to revamp strategies within your current business structure, your look is an essential part of the process that should not be taken for granted. Many people believe that refining a brand is either too complicated to address, or simply not worth the cost in the first place, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Abba Promotions, we take brand work very seriously, doing everything possible to accommodate our clients' needs while offering insights and direction along the way. After all, everything goes more smoothly when there’s a nicely designed brand in place.
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Do you ever feel like you just can't get ahead? Or that you're spending more time working in your business, rather than on your business?

Running a small business is no easy task. Business owners are wearing multiple hats, juggling endless responsibilities, and end up overlooking the most important aspect of your business - your brand!

Let us help you in establishing an attractive and simplified appearance for your company, one that will be sure to attract as many clients as possible.
Logo design process



Few things matter as much as creating a solid logo to reflect every aspect of your business, and strategy is at the center of this process. Strategy and organization help ensure that every client understands your company when glancing at your logo. With the right amount of thought behind it, a well-developed logo can do more for a business than practically anything.

Our team is adept at designing logos for all of the clients we serve, taking an in-depth and tailored approach to every job. If it’s well-executed and well-designed logos you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.
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Web Design


Your Facebook page not bringing in any clients? Googling your business doesn't pull up the details you'd like to see? It's time to finally get your own website!

Any free website service can get you on the web, but our team of professional web developers can get your name out there! SEO optimization, brand management, domain and web hosting, continuous updates and improvements, we do it all!

Don't go another day without your own website. Contact us for a free no-hassle consultation to get you started.
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